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Alpine Training Centre
The C.F.A. or the Alpine Training Centre is the ideal place to get to know and to pursue all sporting activities to do with mountains. We propose one day packages as well as multi-activities weeks. In our centre you will find the perfect logistics for spending your free time. The activities we propose go from climbing to canyoning, metalled roads, trekking, alpine climbing, rafting, mountain biking, to archery, orienteering, Nordic walking, and many other sports.
Immersed among chestnut woods and mountain paths, behind the walls of a historic dwelling, together with good cooking made from typical, genuine produce, with a relaxation area where you may take it easy after your sporting activities, combined with impeccable hospitality, all this is the fort of Machaby.

Mountains between earth and sky, respecting traditions which should never be forgotten.

Going up a remote mule track which leads to the Corma of Machaby, you reach an old military fortification, the fort of Lucini or Machaby, once used as an outpost for the defence of Bard fort, now completely restored by the commune of Arnad and made into a focal point of mountain tourism.

For us impeccable organization is a priority in order to give our clients first class service, a policy which is fundamental to let you have the best from your sporting holiday. We are at your disposal whether you come out of pure curiosity, are seeking tranquillity and courtesy, are looking for entertainment and professionalism, or rare sensations, we are waiting with a thousand ideas to satisfy every guest.
Good day is right from the morning, and that’s when you will meet your guide who will, after giving a short briefing about logistics and activities, follow you in the disciplines you have chosen.
Arduous exercise and pleasure… In this way after a day of hard physical activity you could not ask for more than a hot shower, a dinner fit for a king, a good aperitif and a splendid evening when you can relate the adventures of a wonderful day.
Rest, sweet rest…Far away from noise, far away from the usual routine, surrounded by the stars, longing for the morning to arrive to taste a great breakfast and keen to face a new adventure with us! If you are inquisitive, are looking for entertainment and new things, all you have to do is come and find us!

Forte di Machaby di Barbera Rita - Frazione Machaby 1 - 11020 ARNAD (AO) -
P. Iva 02500920026 Cod. Fisc. BRBRTI61A51A859T