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The Fort of Machaby

A magical setting, woods full of elves, an atmosphere evoking the past, silence, reddish walls to conquer, paths trodden by fairies and a historic dwelling to welcome you, a homely place for all our friends and guests, or:

Fort of Machaby

Fine accommodation originating from the careful reconstruction of a building, which presumably dates from the 17th and 18th centuries erected as a fortification for the security of Bard fort.

Access to the fort is by a splendid mule track also used by Napoleon’s army which reached it in 1800, June in order to lay siege to Bard fort.

After serving as a logistical point for the Aosta Alpine battle grounds, it was abandoned and underwent irreparable decay until the Commune of Arnad decided to take action and restore it. The restoration has stayed faithful to the structure of the original building but has paid close attention to state of the art energy sources such as solar panels, geothermic plant and the collection of rainwater so that the building respects the surrounding environment.

From this came the idea to create a hostel with typical catering facilities attached.

An announcement of competition allowed us to open the doors of this fascinating building to all those who intend to come and visit us to discover the beauty and oenogastronomic tastes of the territory.
A whole family at the disposal of every one with different but multiple characteristics will make you welcome.

See you soon
Rita, Marco e Stefano

Forte di Machaby di Barbera Rita - Frazione Machaby 1 - 11020 ARNAD (AO) -
P. Iva 02500920026 Cod. Fisc. BRBRTI61A51A859T